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Getting the Year Off to a Good Start

As the new year begins, it is important to be sure that you have clarified and quantified your goals for the coming year.  We have discussed how to set your goals, how to be sure they are realistic and how … Continue reading

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Goals and How to Make Them Realistic

Now that you know where you fell short last year, let’s move ahead to growing your business in the coming year.  Take out a piece of paper, yes, I said paper.  At the top put the year, and what you … Continue reading

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Goals, Analytics, and Measuring Results

For those of you who wrote down your goals last year but have not seen them since, take them out.  Take out that piece of paper and read it.  Do those goals still resonate with you?  If they do, great, … Continue reading

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Social Media Platform Checklist for the Overwhelmed

As promised here is a checklist, far from comprehensive and all inclusive, but full enough and then some for most businesses. As those of you who have worked with us know, our mantra is: You do not need to be … Continue reading

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Gearing Up for the Year Ahead, Where to Begin

As the holiday party season gets in full swing it is also time to evaluate our marketing efforts for the past year.  What worked, where do we need to improve, what new systems do we need to put in place? … Continue reading

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Running Your Numbers – Did you meet your goal – FInal in a series on trade shows

You have done your follow-up, run your numbers and analysis, now what do you do with that information? The first thing to do is see if the show met the projections and goals that were established before you even signed … Continue reading

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QR Codes – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Back in November we wrote a post to enhance a discussion that took place during #SMChat on the benefits and some best practices of using QR Codes.  Since that time the conversation has come up a number of times in … Continue reading

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Trade Shows – Add Them to Your Budget or Not

Before the holiday season we started a series on trade show exhibiting.  Starting next week we are going to republish the few posts from back in November and then continue the series. We are restarting the series from the beginning … Continue reading

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