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Ad Infinitum Promotional Products Division

Ad Infinitum Promotional Products Group focuses on promotional products and marketing communications in all applications and a variety of business functions. The Ad Infinitum division has helped to create and execute successful promotions and events for almost thirty years. The focus in all of these projects is to convey the client’s message in a targeted manor to targeted recipients. Whether at a trade show, company picnic, gift with purchase, incentive program or even as a holiday gift the focus is always the client’s goal and how to achieve it. Those goals range from marketing and sales, to safety, to motivating and retaining employees and much more.
Ad Infinitum Social Media Strategy and Training

Ad Infinitum Social Media Strategy and Training Group is dedicated to helping clients learn how to integrate social media into their marketing strategy. In addition to formulating a strategy with clients for their social media efforts, we specialize in social media training with a marketing perspective. We teach clients how to efficiently spend a small part of their day on the appropriate social media platforms to enhance their marketing goals and business growth. Our training services include teaching clients how to use each platform from the most basic mechanics of the platform to the targeted strategies that can help fill their sales pipeline.

The Calendar Warehouse

Calendars are everywhere. Walk into any store, home, or office, and you are sure to find at least one calendar hanging or sitting on a desk. Everyone uses at least one.

Calendars are looked at an average of 12 times per day. Even people who use electronic calendars, still look at a print calendar on a regular basis. Each time they look at the promotional wall calendar your imprint and message are viewed as well.

87% of all household recipients and 94% or all business recipients can recall the imprinted message on the promotional wall calendar that they received. This makes calendar advertising a most cost effective advertising medium.

We have hundreds of stock styles that you can customize with your logo and promotional message.

From our digital run 50 piece minimum custom products to the 50,000 piece and more offset run custom products, we can help you develop the custom calendar that will increase your business.

Whether it is stock or custom see how calendars can play a part in your marketing mix.

The Branded Umbrella

Umbrellas are a walking billboard. They give you a large space and visibility that is unmatched in any other promotional product. Always a welcome gift, umbrellas are the perfect vehicle for your promotional message. Over many years of experience we have learned what makes a quality umbrella, and which style is best for every purpose. Put that knowledge to work as you choose the umbrella for your next gift. The Branded Umbrella carries brand name and quality promotional umbrellas and we can produce custom umbrellas in quantities as few as 50 pieces for domestic production and 288 pieces for overseas production.

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