Case Histories and Ideas to Spark Your Next Promotion

Trade Show – The client, a fund management firm that managed a socially and environmentally responsible fund, wanted to encourage a group of insurance agents to visit their booth at a national trade conference. In advance of the conference, a tube was mailed out with a fork, a printed napkin inviting the recipient to the booth for information on “How to have their cake and eat it too“, and the two pieces were wrapped in a printed napkin ring with an offer of a gift when the booth was visited. When the attendees presented their napkin ring at the booth they were handed a recycled plastic flyer with a paper plate liner and a piece of green marble cheesecake, and some information. In addition there was a game in the booth where attendees answered questions about the fund for environmentally friendly (recycled material) products with the fund logo. The staff in the booth reported that almost all of the napkin rings that were mailed were returned to the booth, and they did not have any down time during the show.
Holiday Gift – The client, a jewelry manufacturer, wanted a useful gift to give their customers. However, because of the nature of their business, they could not have their logo emblazoned on an umbrella, but they liked the idea of an umbrella for their annual holiday gift. The solution was to laser engrave the logo into the wooden handle. The client was happy as they could give out an umbrella that all of their customers would use, and the recipient enjoyed getting a useful, quality gift for the holidays.​
Conference – The client wanted something that would generate interest in their new coatings product at a national association trade show. The choice was a custom made nylon jacket in a pouch in the shape of a can. The product label was reproduced on the can shape. The program was such a success and generated such positive feedback at the conference that when another manufacturer was launching a product in one of their non-competing divisions, they called to have the jackets produced for them.​
New Product Launch – The client was about to launch a new television network. They wanted a unique memento for people to take home in their gift bag at the launch party. A chocolate remote control was the perfect solution. The station call letters were at the top of the remote and the channel number was a large button in the number pad of the custom molded piece of chocolate. Everyone enjoyed receiving this fun memento that they could munch on the next day, and they had a reminder of the channel to check out.​
General Goodwill – The client, a real estate investment firm located in a large metropolitan area, wanted to be able to send clients out in the rain in style. They were concerned that investors and others coming to their office for meetings who arrived in the clouds would get soaked on their way out in the rain, as cars or transportation are far from the office. To solve the problem, we created a large stick umbrella with their logo on one panel that they could give people who left their office in the rain as a parting “gift,” a touch of goodwill and thoughtfulness.​
Trade Show – The client, a large publishing house, wanted something that they could hand out at an industry trade show that would have long visibility and highlight some of the highlights of this large art dictionary. The solution, printing four works of art featured in the dictionary on the sides of a Post-it note cube. The cube sat on the recipients desk reminding them to consider purchasing the dictionary.​
Goodwill – The client, a large real estate development firm was looking for a memorable gift to be given to investors, bankers and others associated with the project. The client had previously commissioned a limited edition set of prints depicting the flora of the area where the project was being built. Using those prints, we created sets of custom coasters and tablemats that could be given as gifts.​
Conference Gift – The client, a large Canadian Bank wanted a gift that they could give out a their conference in California at a beach side resort and conference center. One of the team building activities was volleyball on the beach, so we created custom imprinted volleyballs as the prize for the winning 6 players and all of the participants were given a custom branded Frisbee ®. We deliberately used the original version from Wham-O and not a promotional copy of a flyer to better relate to the California beach theme and the events of the team building activities that day. This was a case of association trumping cost, as the promotional versions are much less expensive.
Donor Gift Program – The client, a large national non-profit organization was looking for a way to recognize their large donors. A donor gift program was created. The first year, a marble paperweight with the logo of the elite giving group was sent out to this special list of donors. It created such a positive response that a few of the donors sent additional checks along with notes of appreciation. In subsequent years additional gifts were added so that the recognition continued.​
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