The 50 Cent or Less Pen, Does it Have a Place in Your Marketing Program?

Promotional Pens

Add your logo to an office staple

When helping a client evaluate their promotional product needs the question inevitably arises – “What about pens?”.

If the client asks the question my answer is always in the form of several additional questions. Those questions are always the same; When are you planning on using them? Where are you thinking of using them? Who are you expecting to give them out to? How much do you want to spend? How many do you think you will need?

Most of the time the answers consist of some variation of the following:on sales calls or client visits, I want to spend as little as possible, under .50 and probably about 500 of them. At that point, I, without fail, explain to my clients that there are only two situations that call for pens of that caliber; in a trade show booth and as a replacement to the office supply version. In those two settings the inexpensive promotional pen becomes an investment in your marketing effort replacing the thrown out money of the office supply version.

At the word investment, the inevitable question is always raised – investment? What kind of investment am I making by buying cheap pens?

When you choose inexpensive or cheap pens to give out, and it is the only thing that you are giving out (rather than part of a gift package), you are conveying a message about your brand that you probably do not want to convey.  If you want to hand out a pen as a stand alone promotion, that is a different conversation. However, if you are going to use the pens in place of the ones that you might buy at an office supply store then you have moved into the investment realm.

It is an investment when you stock your trade show booth with pens and the booth visitor accidentally walks off with the pen after using it. Instead of it being money down the drain from your office supply budget it is an investment in your marketing and advertising program.  That pen will probably make it into the hands of seven more people, exposing them to your brand and message.

It is an investment when you are a doctors office, and you have promotional pens with your information at the front desk instead of the office supply version.

It is an investment when you are a law firm and you stock your conference rooms with promotional pens, instead of those from the office supply store.

It is an investment when you are a title company or real estate agent, mortgage broker or insurance agent and you have promotional pens available for anyone who has to fill out a form or sign paperwork. In fact you can even tell the person to keep the pen giving you the opportunity to reinforce your message and brand.

Want to learn more about the different promotional pens that you can print with your brand message, call me for ideas.

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