Beyond the Proverbial Tie or What to Give for the Holidays

Beyond the tieWith the Holiday season quickly approaching many of you are scrambling to look for this year’s gift.  There are many options for holiday gift giving.  The first thing is to determine your budget whether it is per piece or a total amount.  Second, make a list of all of the possible recipients, include everyone you might possibly want to give a gift to.  Now take the list and review it with your budget in mind.  Does everyone need to receive the same gift, or are different gifts more suitable?  Should they all be the same value?  When looking carefully at your list you will most likely find that not everyone should get the same gift.  If your list is medium to large say 100 names or more divide the recipients by large groups, ie. customers, employees, service providers, people who have helped you over the past year.  If your list is small 100 names or fewer, divide the list into broad categories first. You can now, if you wish, divide the list even further by the recipient’s profile, interests etc.

Now look at each list with regard to your budget.  After allotting an amount to each category you are now ready to begin the selection process.

Do you want your gift to stay in the office or to be taken home? Should it have your name on it or is the gift special enough that the recipient will remember months from now who gave it to them?

Do you want the gift to be a single item, a gift basket or a coordinating set such as smoked salmon and a carving board?  Is the gift going to one individual or is it to be shared by the office staff?

If it is a single item is it to be lasting or is food a good choice?  I rarely think that food is a good choice even if it is to be shared in a large office unless you put something with it to make you memorable as the giver.  Putting an imprinted ribbon on top of the box, does NOT count.  The ribbon is removed and as people go to take a piece, or a handful they have no idea who the giver was.  A tin of popcorn with your logo on the tin, does count though.

The one exception to this, no unlabeled food, rule is if you know that the recipient does not normally get gifts. Then yours will not get lost in the shuffle and it can be sent.  We do this for the production staff in one of our factories – we know they do not get gifts and so our tub of cookies and brownies is a stand out, remembered months later, even though there is no logo on the tub.

After you have considered these questions, and made your list, call 800-Ad-Infinitum or email us and we will create a custom selection of gifts tailored to your recipients and then you can even have us wrap and ship the gifts for you if you wish.

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