Is Anyone There? Are You Listening? Monitoring Your Online Presence

Monitoring Social Media Mentions

Are you Listening

This past holiday season, the moderator for one of my Facebook communities posted the follow question:

Santa is having the hardest time coming up with good stocking stuffers for my kids. Please share what Santa fills your stockings with…

After inquiring as to their ages, I gave the following answer:

I would check out the The Container Store, they have some great things for the older two. Additionally, itunes cards are good. Sudoku and puzzle books, and then walk around near the check out in Target, or even someplace like Bloomingdale’s near the cosmetics counter for girls. Also, I have done well finding small gifts in places like Dick’s Sporting Goods hockey pucks and such or REI where my kids always see something that they “need”

You would think that one of these large retailers that was tagged in my answer would have responded in some fashion.  But no, nothing, not a word. Even a week later, not a word.

Not only is that not social, but they missed a huge opportunity.

What they should have done was respond with a specific suggestion or two. Maybe even a link to the product photo of what they thought was best.  Optional would have been to thank me for thinking of them.  Thanking me would really have been self-serving. You see it could have started a conversation and at the least would have kept their name out in front of this pool of shoppers.

When you are tagged in a post on Facebook you are notified.  If you are a large company with a social media presence you should also have additional software such as Conversocial, Trackur, Sysomos or at least something like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.  Some companies have several of these tools.  These tools should be alerting you that there is an opportunity.

If you want to succeed today you have to be listening to your customers and potential customers.  Be sure that you have tools in place for monitoring these interactions and mentions, so that you can be engaged and seen as the interested company that you are.

Not sure how to monitor your mentions?  Contact us for help 212-812-1438

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2 Responses to Is Anyone There? Are You Listening? Monitoring Your Online Presence

  1. 40deuce says:

    Very true. Anytime someone is talking about your brand in social media should be seen as an opportunity to jump in the conversation. I do this for our brand all the time. Sometimes it’s welcomed with open arms, sometimes it’s ignored. But at least I take the chance when I seethe opportunity present itself.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos and Marketwire

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