Choosing Your Social Media Platforms for the Overwhelmed

Social Media Strategy

Where to spend time?

There is a big myth out there that you have to be everywhere on Social Media in order to drive business.  This is just not true.

Your customers are not everywhere, so why should you be everywhere?

Spreading yourself so thin on Social Media platforms that you can not interact and create relationships is just a waste of time.  Social Media is just another tool enabling you to interact and network.  If you do not have a plan and a follow up system, you are just wasting your time.  You need to build relationships in order to drive business.  No one is going to buy from you or hire you just because they exchanged likes with you on a Friday.  Take the time to get to know the person.  What can each of you bring to the table to help the other person?  This applies on every platform.  You must develop relationships.  You also can not view these platforms as just more broadcast channels.  You need to share information, educate and converse. That is the goal.  Content of value is the prize commodity.

So where to start?  How do you choose where to spend your time?  As with everything else in business, there is a strategy in choosing your platforms and deciding where to spend your time.  There are questions to ask, you have to determine who your audience is and where you will find them.  Don’t be afraid of asking yourself the hard questions to find the right fit for your business.  Without that right fit you will not see positive results.

Not sure what questions to ask?  Contact us at 212-812-1438 to learn more about our strategy session program.

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