Getting the Year Off to a Good Start

motivating employees


As the new year begins, it is important to be sure that you have clarified and quantified your goals for the coming year.  We have discussed how to set your goals, how to be sure they are realistic and how to work toward those goals.  If you have not written those goals down, you are already falling short.  Take a minute, write out your big goal, mark down the small steps that you need to accomplish everyday to get to those goals. Now put those papers some place where you will see them every morning.

Seeing your goals on a daily basis will keep you motivated to reach them.  Next to those goals, you should also have a daily task list that consists of the items that will help you reach the goals.  This list is a written record, the tasks that you have already broken down when you figured out your goals.  If you need to post on two social media platforms and make ten cold calls, figure out what time of day gives you the best results and then schedule those activities accordingly.

Next step, create an incentive program for yourself.  In other words, decide that when you accomplish X on the way to your big goal you will treat yourself to something.  Don’t go over board. Make it something that will motivate you but not side track your efforts.  Having this incentive system in place is an important step in reaching your goals.  Everyone needs a little motivation.  While you are putting the incentive program in place don’t forget your employees, outsourcing partners and vendors.  Motivating them to help you can make reaching your goals that much easier.

For more on ideas on how to take note and motivate your employees visit our awards site

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