Goals and How to Make Them Realistic

Are your goals realistic

Do you have more to do than hours in the day?

Now that you know where you fell short last year, let’s move ahead to growing your business in the coming year.  Take out a piece of paper, yes, I said paper.  At the top put the year, and what you hope to accomplish, this can be a dollar number, it can be the number of new clients that you want to get, write it down, it is your main goal.

Next you will need to break down how you are going to get to that big goal. Remember to be very specific. Write down how many cold calls you going to make, how many networking events, how much time on social media, etc. that you think it will take for you to reach your big goal.

Now look at those steps, are they physically possible, in other words are there enough hours in the day?  If the steps that you need to reach those goals look like they will fit in the available time, great take out what ever tool you use to plan and start marking in what you need to accomplish each day.  If you can not fit it all in the available time you might be able to solve that issue simply by hiring a Virtual Assistant, or some other support people, such as outsourcing a portion of your social media management, or email marketing campaigns, or your writing.  Of course another option is to see if your budget will enable you to hire additional employees.

Another area to look at if your goals will not be attainable because there are not enough hours in the day is tools and systems that you can put in place.  We will look at some of those tools in future articles.

For some people meeting their goals is as simple as hiring a coach.  What ever your issue is, find the resources and invest, in your self and your business.

This will make your goals attainable.

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