Goals, Analytics, and Measuring Results

setting goalsFor those of you who wrote down your goals last year but have not seen them since, take them out.  Take out that piece of paper and read it.  Do those goals still resonate with you?  If they do, great, let’s proceed; If they do not, we will get to that in a moment.

Look at your list, were your goals very specific, or did you have general list such as “Network more”?  Did you write down how many newtorking events you were going to go to a month, or how much time you were going to spend a day on social media?  If your goals were very specific, your next step is easy. Measure how many of the goals on your list you accomplished, don’t fudge the answers or you won’t be able to grow and improve how you are running your business.  You did them all? WOW, that is amazing, you must be very disciplined.  You can skip the rest of this post and come back later this week for our piece on getting ready for next year.  If you did not meet all of your goals, and they were specific, look at which ones you did not reach.

If your goals were not specific, you can look to see if you met them, but really measuring will be very difficult.  What is “Network more”? Is it going to one event per month, one per week?  Your task going forward is to use last year’s list as a guide to writing this year’s goals sheet.  For how to write out your goals, we will cover that topic separately.

Take your specific goals sheet and check which ones you accomplished and which ones you did not.  Let’s first examine the ones that you did not meet.  Why did you not meet them? Was it something technical like a website that was not ready on time and the domino effect was that most of your goals were not met, or were your goals unrealistic?  Unrealistic goals are not just goals that are too grand,  but also goals that are impractical to execute.  For example you can not have a goal of developing three new leads per month on social media if your personal and business pages are a mess, and you do not know how to use the platforms.  Your goal should have been to learn how to use the appropriate platforms for your target market.

Save that list of why you think you did not meet your goals, no excuses, just the hard facts, this list is critical to the next step, creating your goals for the coming year.

For more information on learning how to use social media platforms or other marketing tools to reach your goals, visit our website or sign up for our newsletter.

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