Social Media Platform Checklist for the Overwhelmed

SoMe-Blog-post-imageAs promised here is a checklist, far from comprehensive and all inclusive, but full enough and then some for most businesses. As those of you who have worked with us know, our mantra is: You do not need to be everywhere!  Choose your platforms based on your target audience, understand how to use them to meet your goals, and strategically spend your time in those places.

Some platforms are not necessarily places you will spend a lot of time but rather they are tools to enable you to do more in less time or create content in addition to your own written material or images. Some places are just places that you should go to claim your name. Be sure that your page looks clean and good and then move on, updating those pages periodically.  Those places such as  can be a main platform for some people, but for most it is simply, in my view, a step in the online reputation management process. Here is my basics list, and remember you do not and should not be on all of these platforms.  You can use this list though to help evaluate your goals from the past year and create your goal sheet for 2013.

Of course the list can go on for quite a while, if I have left off one of your favorites, please share it below.

Not sure how to choose your platforms?  Contact us for help.

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