Consistent Follow-up or a Pest, Which are You

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The other week we began a series on Networking.  We spoke about measuring your efforts.  While you have to measure the efforts of the time spent, without effective follow up, you will not see any results.

These days most people are suggesting that you need at least 8 to 10 touch points with a prospect before they will be ready to buy from you.  Back in July of 2009, Robert Clay of Marketing Wizdom in the UK wrote a post suggesting that it took at least 5 times.  More recently, I have seen and heard people discuss needing to have 10 to 12 touch points with a prospect.  Those touch points are not all phone calls.  It takes a blend of many platforms to properly reach a prospect.  In this series, we are going to discuss the variety of touch points that you can use to keep in touch.  We will also be including some resources and some product examples.

The touch points to keep in touch and follow up with prospects and clients, include some of the following options:

  • Email newsletter
  • Status updates on social media platforms
  • Phone calls
  • Snail mail
  • Packages with token gifts
  • Promotional Products

We hope you will share with us your favorite tools for keeping in touch

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2 Responses to Consistent Follow-up or a Pest, Which are You

  1. Biba Pedron says:

    Hi Anne,

    I agree on the numbers you mentioned. If before people needed 5 interactions, today since we are solicitated about a thousand time a day, we need more interactions –

    Statistics show that people need to hear or see a message at least 7 time before they noticed it. So in order to take action on in it grow the numbers to 10 to 12 times – Knowing that 48% of people never follow up and only 12% make only 3 contacts when they follow-up , it is easy to understand why people are not successful at networking –

    All you tools are great, but then the most important is to be consistent – It is not enough to send a mail, an email, a post cart or anything else if we do it only once – The secret of networking is to have a follow-up system that will work not only for the next 3 to 6 months but for year to go.


    • Biba,

      Thanks for adding the hard numbers. Consistency and a system that can be automated are the key.
      I especially like the story that you tell about the client who received your newsletter for nine years before they called to hire you.

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