Left the House Without Your Business Cards Again??? Guest article by Biba Pedron

Business Card ideasToday I am happy to have a guest post from Biba Pedron.  Biba is well know by those who seek out the best networking coaches on both sides of the Atlantic.  Her thoughtful and practical advice can make a difference to anyone running a business no matter how experienced they might be.  In this timeless piece Biba gives advice and a true to life example on why one should NEVER leave home without their business cards.

Never Ever Leave The House Without Your Business Cards

Saturday, August 1st, 2009 – by Biba Pedron

If you read my newsletters and articles you know how important networking is for me and that I’m always giving tips to grow your business using networking effectively. When I start with a new client or if you get my program“Power of Networking Secrets” the first 2 sessions are : 1. How to Choose Your Niche and Target Market, I talk about it on the newsletter last week and 2. How to Design a Memorable Business Card to Stand Out From the Crowd. Because your business card is your first marketing tool you want it to make the right impression. So I always mention ” Never leave the house without your business cards” because you can have THE best business card if you don’t have it with you it is useless. Since I do what I preach, of course I always carry my business cards with me.

Years ago, before teaching networking, I had the problem of going out without my business cards some time to time, especially when I was using a new hand bag. So today, I find the solution. I have about 30 handbags (I know, women we can be obsess with fashion sometimes) and carry 3 things in each of them: 1. A pen because you often need to take notes, well I do 2. Pills for my migraines, that can happen anytime, and 3. Business cards, then I just have to transfer my wallet from one bag to another depending on which one I use. Since I never leave the house without a hang bag I am always sure to have business cards with me and always ready to network.

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To share one of your best networking near misses, please comment below so that we can all learn from those almost lost moments, and don’t forget to tell us how you saved the moment

Biba Pedron The Connection Queen

Biba Pedron

Biba Pedron helps women entrepreneurs to define and connect their brand and personal style so they can attract more clients on and offline to build a 6-figure business. All while following their passion and doing what they love best.

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