What do you think of my new logo?

Ad Infinitum Logo

This is a simple one color version of a logo

A few weeks back I read a piece written by  Harvey Briggs.  In his post, he gives some great ideas on how to choose your new logo and how to get buy-in from “the troops”.  This got me to thinking beyond the comment that I left on the post.

My comment was: “Great advice! By following your advice, one other very important detail is also accomplished. Very often when a logo is designed, the technical detail of application, such as screen print, embroidery, deboss etc, as on a T-shirt, hat, piece of leather or any of a myriad other items is overlooked. By investing in having the options for the new logo put onto a physical product you will quickly discover if the new logo needs tweaking.”

Yes it is great to have that feedback, but even better would be to have the feedback before you share the choices with the team.  There are many ways that you can do this.  A primary way to verify that your logo will translate well in ALL media, is to hire a designer who is familiar with all of the many processes that might be used to execute your logo, web, print on paper, and screen, pad, embroider, and deboss on a multitude of other surfaces.

Simple one color screen print

Another great way to get that feedback is to have a good working relationship with a promotional products expert who can give you that feedback as well.  Those of us who have worked in the field for a long time and understand the various imprinting processes used to create promotional products, can generally look at a logo and tell you very quickly if it will translate well, or what you need to have your designer provide you with so that you will be able to use your new logo cost efficiently and practically on a variety of media.

Gradient logo

This is a logo with a gradient

For example, if your logo has gradients you will not be able to foil stamp or deboss it without having an alternate version.  You can embroider with a more moderate modification, and depending on the mesh of the screen it may or may not work.

Multi color google logo

This logo has many colors and tight registration

Another consideration is the number of colors and the costs involved. Not all products are printable in four color process.  So if you have six colors in your logo it won’t cost you an extra penny on your web site but go to print it on a pen and we can’t for many of the styles.  You will have to choose one with a full color, generally, digital print so you can not have exact color matches.

These are just a few of the issues that you may find in designing your new logo.

If you have ever had a logo redesign go astray share it here and we will even try to suggest some work arounds.

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