Earth Day Promotions, Lip Service or Real Impact

Recycled promotional flyer

Trade Show Promotion

April 22, 2012 is Earth Day.  Some companies will use this day as a promotional launching pad for a real sustainability effort in their companies.  Others will use it merely as one more promotion on the calendar with no impact to their company or the environment.   There is much debate over what is true environmental impact, sustainability, and the real definition of green.  We will leave that debate for others.  Our focus here is to offer some ideas for Earth Day  Promotions that can impact your company, perhaps your bottom line, and maybe even the planet.

A getting back to basics program, is to volunteer as a company to help clean up a local park or stretch of road.  Maybe even donate some trash cans to the park.  To thank the employees for the effort and to get the word out, a fun shirt, cap or lightweight jacket can be designed for each of the participants.

Custom logo ceramic mug

Employee Motivation Mug

To create something a bit more long term internally, you can follow the lead of one of our clients who took a pragmatic approach.  This hospital administrator figured out that by providing a ceramic coffee mug for each of the employees in his departments, within three months he could eliminate the Styrofoam cups from his budget, (and the trash) and the mugs would be paid for.  Many of today’s offices have dishwashers in their kitchen areas, so the issue of washing the mugs is no longer an issue.  Bonus points, the mugs provided a vehicle for acknowledging the employees and their hard work.

A nice external promotion, is a mailing to customers using cards made of seed paper.  The recipients then can plant the card growing flowers or herbs.  Envelope is recyclable so the impact is small.  This promotion can be the announcement of a new company initiative,  or new services that will benefit the customers.  It can even be used to announce participation in supporting a local “green” charity.

Whatever you choose to do as your Earth Day promotion, be sure to get guidance from a pro who is familiar with all of the products that are available, bamboo, recycled plastics recycled PET fabric and more, and which things are only hype in their eco-friendly appeal. Of course as always, be sure to keep your eye on the marketing ball.

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