So You Want to Use a QR code in Your Next Promotion

Active QR Code

Over the last few months we have written a couple of times about QR codes and their pros and cons.  We have talked about what makes them valuable for marketers, and what should be avoided.  Following are a few examples of uses for QR codes, both in the promotional setting and in sales settings that work well.

One of the things that we have stressed in previous posts is that the best use provides information or value to the customer while capturing contact information for the marketer.  There are two noteable exceptions to this idea.  The use of QR codes at the point of purchase and internal company use.

Last week I walked into a STAPLES to look at new printers.  On the price and spec sheet under each model, there was a QR code printed next to the specs.  When scanned this code took you to the product review area for each product on the  Staples website.  These codes did not capture any information for Staples, but the value to me, the consumer, was tremendous.  The value to Staples was also great on many levels, cost savings, customer service, and increased sales.

Another exception to the capture information rule is when the QR code is used in an internal promotion.  One of our clients was launching a new internal website.  The purpose of this site was to provide all of the tools that their various departments needed to best service their customers.  To gain traction with the employees for use of the site, each employee was presented with a Victorinox SwissCard with the company logo on the front.  On the box of the SwissCard, a QR Code was printed.  This QR Code took the employees to the training video for the new internal website.  Employees received a gift that got them excited about the new tools for better customer service, and they had an easy way to refer to the training video.

Another good use of a QR Code that benefits the marketer and the customer is a promotion launching a new gourmet food product.  There was a teaser mailer for the new product with the QR code on the mailer.  When the code was scanned, it took you to the site where the consumer info was captured in exchange for a list of days, times and places that in store tastings were going to be held in the area.  To additionally lure customers to the tastings each store had its own unique promo, some coupons, some promotional products, some gift with purchase or purchase with purchase offers that were listed on the site along with the store information.  This type of use is a win for everyone, value given to the consumer, marketing data to the manufacturer and traffic for the retailers.

One more use of a QR code that works is having the code on in-store signage, the consumer scans the code, enters their information, and receives a coupon or other offer on an immediate purchase as well as a mailing with additional offers for future purchases.  Again, the consumer feels they have been “paid” to enter their information, so there is incentive to do so, and the marketer or brand captures valuable data for future marketing efforts.

If you have used a QR Code in a creative way that gave benefit to both sides, share it below so that we can all learn more about QR Codes.

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