Congratulations to the Graduate, Acknowledging Employee Milestones

A hot topic these days is employee retention.  There are many aspects to employee retention, but one of them involves motivation and acknowledgement.  Simple words like Thank You for a job well done,  a plaque or small gift at the end of a long, tough sales season, recognizing  effort, or a gift at the annual company picnic, are all ways of saying thank you for your efforts and a job well done.

Another area that gives employers an extra opportunity to recognize their employees is taking note of life cycle events and milestones in an employee’s life.

Most companies think to send a card or a fruit basket when an employee has a death in the family, and some get a present for a new born baby.  But, what about acknowledging someone’s marriage, or their child’s graduation from High School or College, or even their own graduation from a graduate program? Taking note of these lesser acknowledged events, can help strengthen the relationship between employee and employer.  It makes the employee feel important and helps engender a sense of loyalty.  Below are a few suggestions for gifts that can be bought in small quantities and put away for recognition of these and other events.  And while you are at it, maybe use a couple of them to recognize your customers and clients as well.

For Weddings:

Victorinox, Howard Miller Gif Ideas

For High School Graduations:

Wenger, Victorinox, Howard Miller Gift Ideas

For College Graduations:

Victorinox Watches

Remember, thank you and recognition are three quarters of the battle, make it special, and you will create good will that reflects back on you and your business.

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2 Responses to Congratulations to the Graduate, Acknowledging Employee Milestones

  1. slimfairview says:

    Clever, very clever, marketing strategy.
    Now make the connection to the person who authorises the purchasing for this programmer and you have a major winner. As they say, “It takes 10 people to say yes, but only one person to say no.”

    Curious, where is there an employee retention problem at the moment? That would, of course, be your target market.

    Nice. I enjoyed it.


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