Your Feet Hurt, But You Survived and Made It Home, Now What?- Part 7 in a Series on Trade Shows

Trade Show ROIYou made it home with all of your leads and/or orders. You think that your show was a success, but was it really?

There is only one way to find out – crunch the numbers, and do the analyses. Before you do that though, do your follow up.

If your show was one where you came home with orders, get them processed as quickly as possible. This will allow for reorders to come in sooner and it will free you up to get on with the next task sooner.

If your show was one where you collected leads, take out the follow up plan that you created before you went to the show and get it implemented. Remember, it can take 5 contacts and more to convert a lead into a customer. (Most sales people give up after 4 tries.) For more on the topic of persistence in follow up there is a wonderful post by Robert Clay of Marketing Wizdom that we recommend.

If your follow up has a mailing, get it out, if it was a multi-part program be sure that all of the components are ready to go on schedule.  If you think that you won’t be able to get it all done by your self hire a Virtual Assistant or mailing house to help you.

In order to run your ROI numbers, you need to have completed your initial follow-up. The sooner you get that done, the faster you can run your analysis. If your business or industry is one that has a long sales cycle, you may need to do the analysis more than once. Following the numbers for sometimes as long as eighteen months.

It is important to do the analysis as thoroughly and quickly as possible.  Many show organizers offer discounts for early booth sign ups, but you don’t want to repeat a show if it did not meet your goals.

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