You Are Standing Around in Your Booth, Now What? – Part 6 on Trade Shows

Almost ready for visitors

You made it. Your booth is set-up, business cards are in hand, and they are about to open the doors to the show, now what?  Keep your eye on the ball, remember, you want to keep your predetermined goals for the show in mind.  Here are some important additional things to keep in mind:

1. Greeting the visitor – as someone is walking past your booth, smile and say a greeting with an upbeat tone of voice, no matter how late in the day it is.  Many people at this point will stop to answer you, if they don’t stop move on to the next person.  If they do stop, ask them if they are familiar with your company, products or services, this should begin a good conversation.  Remember, you want to qualify your prospects, not spend time trying to convince someone who dos not want to stop that they need your product or services.

2. The big “No! You did not do that while manning your booth” list

  • Talking on your cell phone, or checking email – if you must, move to the side outside the booth
  • Eating
  • Sitting down, other than with a customer to talk or write an order. Sitting down with a customer is a situation is best reserved for those shows that are appointment style, or where you have a very large booth.  Otherwise, try and have the conversation or write the order standing up.
  • Spending too much time out of your booth leaving the booth unattended, to chat with other exhibitors.

3. Gathering leads – whatever system you choose be sure that everyone working in the booth knows how the system works and what to do.

4. Writing orders. Some shows exist for exhibitors to write orders. These shows are slightly different in nature. You want to draw the traffic and make it easy for buyers to look at your product line and write orders, so leave enough space for them to walk into your booth don’t stand in a way that you are blocking the view. Be sure that you have plenty of staff and that your ordering system is easy to use so that customers are not standing around while you try to write up their order.  Also, be sure to ask a few questions so that you are providing customer service and are not just an order taker. This will also speed things up enabling you to write larger, and more orders.

5. Gather prospect information. Have a few critical questions that you have developed before you get to the show so that you can qualify the prospects. These questions should be done in a conversational tone, but be sure to find out who the decision maker is and what their time frame is for committing to a product or service like yours.  This will make your follow up after the show much more efficient.  You will know what they need and where to put your efforts.

Share your favorite tips for manning your trade show booth below

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