Exhibit Design – Part 4 in a series on trade shows and how to make them work for you

Trade show boothExhibit design is best left to the experts.

We have found over the years that while we can sell trade show booths, banners and table skirts to our clients, and have, it is better for our clients for us to point them to some of our favorite resources instead.

The best way to design your booth is to know what you want to accomplish at the trade show and then convey that to the exhibit design people.  What things are you looking to showcase, how are you going to be traveling to your trade shows, what kind of budget are you working with. Because of that philosophy, I have asked Frank Borzacchiello of Creativedisplaysolutions.com to guest host this post. So here is Frank’s philosophy and advice when you go to design your booth:

Booth design is all about costs.

If you want a Ferrari we can design one, but you will need to be able to afford it. Labor, drayage, storage, shipping etc. Each booth has its own style and cost to maintain. To make this easier to understand, in shopping for a car it has a look that you like the brand and monthly fee. Then the add on are requested like radio, DVD, power windows making sure it can fit a monthly budget.

That is very similar to the trade show design world, we need to know what you are looking for in style, needs then we design, matching the look and function. Example, I need a reception counter, 2) large screen TV’s, 3) literature storage, 4) semi private meeting area etc. Then also my booth needs to be portable for my smaller shows but I will need to keep some of the same items as previous listed.

We then take the details and design a booth according to the needs, making sure we are designing in budget.  Then deliver the concept for approval.

In case you have not figured out from Frank’s description to have a successfully designed trade show booth, you need to partner with an exhibit company and include them in your plan for success.

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1 Response to Exhibit Design – Part 4 in a series on trade shows and how to make them work for you

  1. If you are attempting to create a custom designed trade show booth, you can
    pay the "Ferrari" price and you will make a fantastic impression at
    your show. For those with more modest budgets you can get a custom designed
    look with modular
    and truss
    system displays
    . Frank’s point is right on here too. When designing for
    these out of the box solutions, we still reccomend working with a design professional,
    like Frank, to help you maximize the success of your trade show.

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