Trade Shows and How to Make Them Work For You – Part 1 in a series

Javits Convention Center

Javits Convention Center in NY

This is the first in our Trade Show Series, reposted from November

A group question on Linkedin got me thinking, how many people sign up to exhibit at a trade show with no clear idea of what they are really going to do once they get there, or if there even is a benefit to them being at the show or conference.

Have you ever signed up for a trade show with no idea of what you were going to gain for your business?

Many people exhibit at a particular show because everyone in their industry is going to be there.  That is a reason, but is it a valid reason?

There are a few questions that you can ask yourself to see if it is a reason that works for you and your business.

Here are the questions that we tell our clients to ask themselves, try it and see if it helps you clarify the answer for your business.

Is this a major industry event?
If I am not there will I miss my only opportunity all season  or all year to show my face in the industry?
If I am not there, will people in the industry think that our business is down or that we have gone out of business?
Is there an alternative that I could use to showcase my company that would be more budget friendly and perhaps more effective than a trade show?

Are there any other questions that you ask your self before you sign up for booth space?

We hope to share the next set of questions on determining if a trade show is for your business in our next post, for now we look forward to hearing your thoughts on what questions you ask yourself before you sign that exhibit contract.

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3 Responses to Trade Shows and How to Make Them Work For You – Part 1 in a series

  1. slimfairview says:

    Trade Show.
    Sometimes it is necessary to remind people you are still around. (That reveals a different problem.)

    2. Fend off competition looking to encroach on your market.
    Why your company? Do you do it better? Faster? Higher Quality? More cost-effective? Do you have more staying power than the new entries?

    3. Generate the Buzz around something new.
    A new product? A new Upgrade? A new and improved service?

    Now, who goes to the show? The big boss? The big mouth? The Noble Drone?

    You need someone (or two) with a gift of gab to make the audience happy.
    You need a geek to make the product work.
    You need INFORMATION that is uncluttered. Don’t tell the audience what you want them to know. Tell the audience what they need to hear.

    Bon chance.


    • Slim,

      Thanks for the great added insight. I particularly like your definitions of who to send to the show. More on all of the above topics that you raised will be coming over the next few weeks as there are 8 parts to this series, including a guest post on how to design your exhibit.

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