Trade Shows – Add Them to Your Budget or Not

Trade Show Exhibit Booth

Trade Show Booth

Before the holiday season we started a series on trade show exhibiting.  Starting next week we are going to republish the few posts from back in November and then continue the series.

We are restarting the series from the beginning because, I discovered during the course of a meeting that I had yesterday with a client, that it is important to have a full picture and all of the details when deciding on whether or not to exhibit.

Our conversation centered in part on how to determine which shows, if any,  are worthy of the expense.  Our conclusion was that if chosen carefully with the target audience ever in sight, and the attendee profile to compare to the target audience, otherwise known as your ideal prospect, exhibiting at a trade show can be a very worthwhile investment.

If you are expecting immediate payoff for exhibiting at a show, you are in the wrong era.  Most selling cycles today are slightly elongated, and the days of someone signing a purchase order on a whim at a show are long gone.  If, however, you are looking at your exhibit time and budget as an investment in meeting your marketing goal then it can be a wonderful opportunity.

With those thoughts in mind, in the upcoming series, we will be discussing how to choose the shows that you exhibit at, how to prep for the show, what to do at the show and how to follow up and then evaluate.

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