Final thoughts on Holiday Marketing and Gifting – Social Media

I am going to take one more day to talk about Holiday Marketing. Beyond the gifts, snail mail cards, e-cards and other holiday promotions, there is your Holiday Marketing interaction on Social Media.

Before you leave for your holiday vacation wish all of your fans, followers, and connections a happy holiday season. Share a good article or photo, and truly thank them for all that they have added to your business and/or your life this year.

You also might want to take a few minutes and set up some interaction to go out over the holiday season, think Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, just be sure that you will have access so that you can respond on a timely basis.

Additionally, take time to review your Social Media strategy for this past year.

Have you truly given to all of those you connected with, or were you just busy selling product or services?

What are you going to do next year to improve?

Take a minute and write it down, now match it up to your marketing plan.

If it meshes perfectly, good for you, if it does not match, message me, I have a holiday gift for you. A special rate on our consulting services to get you ready for next year.

As I am most noted for in some of the wonderful twitter chats that I take part in each week, even in Social Media, ROI is still money in the bank. #RonR as Ted Rubin likes to talk about is a whole ‘nother thing.

Happy Holidays!

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