A Few Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Victorinox Swiss Army Gift Set

Victorinox Gift Set

Corporate holiday gifts are a way to say thank you to your customers for keeping you in business this past year. It is also a way to recognize your employees for a job well done. Some businesses use this opportunity to send their prospects something that will keep their name in the forefront all year as we all await the economic recovery.

After the gifts have (hopefully) been carefully chosen, the real challenge begins. How to wrap them, and how to distribute them. For many of our clients, that poses no challenge, they just leave it to us, but for those companies that want to wrap their gifts themselves, and maybe even hand deliver them, here are a few tips and ideas for wrapping those gifts.

Large Holiday Gift Basket

Gift basket

If you have a number of different items, such as this client, who wanted to showcase some of their own product lines along with additional items, a basket with a theme, such as this spa basket, is an ideal solution. Here the client’s products were placed in two smaller baskets and added to a large wicker basket with a custom woven spa towel. The whole basket was then wrapped, only in large size bubble wrap and placed in properly sized cartons for shipping. Custom printed ribbon was used to tie around the bubble wrap giving a touch of corporate identity to the gift project, and a card was inserted on top of the package expressing the good wishes.

Windbrella with custom logo

How to wrap an umbrella

Oh what to do with an umbrella… We suggest that you get colorful mailing tubes such as these

Colorful mailing tubes

Mailing tubes with plastic caps

then tie a card around the handle of the umbrella using custom logo ribbon and you are all set.

What about those odd size items, t-shirts, a few golf balls with some accessories, those can be placed in a can like this and straight into the mail

Sealed can for promotional mailing

Custom printed can

Need more ideas, or to order printed ribbon, give us a call or send us a message and we will be happy to help

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