Holiday Gifts and Giving – Part 2

In my post earlier this week, I talked about how to prepare your list to maximize your holiday gift giving this season. Now that you have your list it is time to actually choose the gifts. I have provided a few links below for some gift ideas. In addition I would like to talk about presentation.

Presentation can be everything in a gift. Think the blue Tiffany box. You don’t have to be Tiffany to dress up your own corporate gift giving. You can print paper gift bags, if you are going to hand deliver the gifts. If you are going to mail the gifts, the box can be white or brown cardboard as long as the inside package is wrapped nicely and appropriately. If you do not want to wrap and the item lends itself, you can print ribbon with your company logo and use that the “wrap” the gift. One year we used printed ribbon to tie a gift tag to the wrist strap on a client’s folding umbrella. The idea is just to be sure that the package looks finished.

As for presenting things like food or gift cards, some creativity and knowledge of options is helpful. I have provided one or two ideas below but feel free to contact me to consult on your specific needs.

So you have decided to give your customers a gift card. This was the most practical by your calculation.

Let’s look at a couple of options. You choose a gift card to Barnes and Noble, wrap it with a leather bookmark. These can be done in all different price points and you can add your logo so that there is a lasting memory of you, the gift giver.

You choose an AMEX gift card, present it in a business card case, again lots of available price points and styles and you can add your logo.

You decide to give candy, put it in a candy jar, glass or crystal and add your logo to the jar. Chocolate covered logo cookies, present them on a small tray with your logo that can even be used on a desk.

Executive Gift Calendars

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